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pacific northwest & Beyond

national park elopement ideas
striking black and white photo from a desert elopement in Utah

so, you've been thinking about eloping

Fuck yes! Proud of you for taking that leap of faith, throwing out what’s expected of you, and following your heart.

It’s not easy to decide to blaze your own path. But, let me tell you! You never hear anyone who’s eloped say they wish they had a big traditional wedding. But you ALWAYS hEAR people who had traditional weddings say they wished they eloped!

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what is an adventure elopement?

Make your commitment matter in a big way. Avoid the theatrics of traditional weddings and make an experience worth celebrating

The beauty of elopements is that they are ever evolving unlike weddings as you know them, which are stuck in outdated tradition. Elopements allow you and your partner the space the make a commitment to each other without catering to anyone but yourselves. Elopements are about true, unabashed love that you just want to shout from the mountain tops.

With adventure elopements you CAN shout it from the mountain tops, or from the glacier you helicoptered out to, or from your remote backcountry campsite you hiked into to say your vows under the stars. Nomadic Weddings specializes in creating an elopement experience that celebrates your new commitment and the life you've shared that got you to this point.

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elopement couple getting married at sunrise
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let's recap that

>> elopements are all about your relationship and commitment to each other

>> elopements allow love to be the star of the show

>> elopements create an atmosphere for raw, honest emotions

>> and you get all of that, in seriously epic landscapes!

elopement photographer in moab

I'm Molly, the gal BEHIND THE LENS

adventure elopement photographer


5 star reviews

glacier elopement in alaska
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elopement couple portraits in forest

Molly was SO amazing to work with and was there every step of the way for our elopement. We both are camera shy and Molly made us feel so comfortable and the photos are more than anything we expected. She is extremely talented and knowledgable about her work and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend one of the most meaningful days of our lives with.

She is beyond amazing! From the zoom call to the day of my wedding Molly is amazing! She gave me ideas I didn't even think of. She got my husband to actually smile in photos and enjoy taking them. ( he is a hard one to do that) the day of my wedding when she walked in it literally was like a family member was there. She fit right in with everyone. Thank you again Molly!!!!!

Molly was an absolute dream to work with! She is so easy to relate to, very creative and has the most fun energy about her!! From start to finish she makes you feel so comfortable. She takes the time to think out all of the details of the shoots ahead of time- including scouting out locations to make sure she is getting the best shot! Working with her was remarkable and the photos we have to look back on are some of our happiest moments to date. Highly highly recommend Nomadic Weddings!!

— Brittnay & Ray

— Lia & Mike

Las Vegas — Nevada

Palmer — Alaska

— Alexis & Anthony

Upstate NY

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Photography FOcused On You, Your person,your day & Magnificent BackdropS

romantic elopement at sunrise in Utah

Marriage is a great adventure, something that starts and ends with you and your person. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that amid bawdy, crowded affairs that have a habit of causing more stress than serenity. A famous Hobbit once said he'd no use for adventures; calling them nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things that make you late for dinner. That same Hobbit returned from his own adventure singing a very different tune. It's time we took a page from his book.

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