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Seriously, picking the right elopement photographer starts with open conversations. I've been trying to read minds my whole life and found my wizardry is lost somewhere with the Hogwarts letter I never received. But, I make up for it in magic behind the lens, and being one of the more welcoming people you'll meet. Both pretty important for choosing your elopement photographer.

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Photography is the art of showcasing movement, emotion, and memories in an image (a few hundred times). My goal is to combine these captured moments to create an experience and story you’ll tell and retell forever. What do you get from me? A few things:

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Pricing with me is forever transparent! No hidden fees after you book. I'll take care of all my travel needs for your elopement and I'll secure whatever permits are needed. Only permit you're responsible for are your wedding special use permits, if applicable.

You'll receive a gorgeous online gallery with all your best photos. Each photog gets the signature Nomadic Weddings touch, color correction, lighting adjustments, and blemish control so that you two look your best!

You've got the elopement photographer, but there are other details to think of, too. Fear not, I've got recommendations regardless of location. One more part of planning that you don't need to fret about beyond choosing.

from the very beginning, we will be working as a team to bring your elopement vision to life. Not only will you have access to my 100 page elopement planning guide, but i'll always be available for questions or an ear to bounce ideas off of.

What I Offer That You Didn't Know You Needed

Seriously epic locations

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I strive to find locations that are a bit off the beaten path. Something unique for every couple and different from anything already done. I want to find that perfect patch of dirt for you that no one else but you has gotten married on!

For those who are truly looking for a way the f*ck out there elopement with just the two of you, I'm ordained and can legally marry you! So bring on those ridiculous trails and let's get out there!

Every elopement comes with personalized packing list along with adventure gear recommendations. Beyond that, I'll provide you an elopement checklist and local recommendations!

Every encounter with the wilderness is approached with LNT principles in mind. No worries if you're unfamiliar, I've got an epic guide to share with you before your elopement!

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My time as a Washington elopement photographer has reminded me of something that should be obvious: one-size does not fit all when it comes to the process. With that in mind, I've got a few options to work from. Of course, within those, we can work out the details. Want a multi-day elopement? Sure. One day enough? Perfect. Just want a few hours to be with your person and make an afternoon of it? Sounds great. Your day, your call.

Full Day Elopement

Multi-Day Elopements

Mini Elopement

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Perfect for couples who are looking to have their love story captured from start to finish. Throughout your day, I'll be capturing those big, life altering moments but also the teeny tiny ones that you'll look back on and it'll bring all those amazing emotions crashing back to you. I'm here to help you create a day that truly resonates with you two!

A smaller package that still packs a punch! Perfect for couples who are looking for coverage of their ceremony and 1-2 portrait locations with a simple hike or activity. Your story will be told just as beautifully as the larger packages, just on a smaller scale.

Available In Washington Only

Elopements are an experience and shouldn't be tied down to just a few hours on one day. Make it a weekend backpacking trip or take a roadtrip & explore a few national parks at once. As an elopement photographer, I am here to document the full story of your love and new commitment, so let's do it BIG and head out on an epic adventure!

Washington start at $4400

Domestic USA Start at $5600

Washington start at $2800

Domestic USA Start at $3800

Starts at $2000

Additional Adventure Photography Services

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If you're looking for something a bit more intimate (wink, wink), that's another option we offer. Steamy sessions made comfortable, sexy, and memorable.

Not quite at the elopement part yet? That's okay! Adventure proposal and engagement shoots are the first part of documenting your journey and we're here for it.

Starts at

Starts at

$ 750

$ 750



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Bespoke Elopement Photography

need something more tailored for your vision?

Customization is what I do! Packages act as a jumping off point. These aren't set in stone; I love tailoring elopement photography specific to every couple I work with. I'd love to hear what you have in mind!

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In 1 year or 50 years from now, when you are flipping through your wedding album. You want to remember all the big moments and those fleeting moments too. Ones that you don't remember as quickly. Sure, you'll remember putting a ring on each other's fingers and your first kiss, but will you always remember how your partner looked at you through the day? Or those bend-at-the-waist funny moments? That's what true artful imagery does. It's a portal back to that exact moment. And you deserve to have your day documented to the full extent.

Let's get one thing straight. Your elopement day is NOT an all day photoshoot. Rather, it'll be this beautiful day filled with the things you two love to do the most together - hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, sailing, biking; whatever your heart desires. I'll be there, observing and documenting all the moments and conveying your emotions into your images.

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How far out do you book?

My books are currently open for 2022 and 2023. It’s never too early to start booking your elopement vendors now! With the popularity of elopements soaring, you can expect that you’ll need to start earlier.

Most couples I work with plan their elopements 6 months to a year in advance. However, I’ve worked with couples who have planned elopements in as little as 6 weeks! One thing to note, most permitting offices require a minimum of 1 month to process your application!

How long should I plan out my elopement?

Let’s chat!! Speak it into exist and start talking through what you have envisioned for your day already and I’ll help guide you on how to make it happen! Packages are a loose guideline to help you begin structuring your elopement day. The beauty of elopements is the flexibility and customization that you can add! Click here to get started!

What if we don't know what package we want?

We've never had professional photos taken and feel uncomfortable with posing//feel awkward!

Don’t fret, I help make the experience feel smooth and comfortable. Check out my 5 star google reviews, almost everyone mentions how comfortable I’ve made them feel during their photos. My approach to having your photo taken is a combination of movement and posing. I’ll give you some prompts and directions but also leave room for those candid, unposed moments!

How many photos will we recieve in our gallery?

Gauging gallery size can be difficult with elopements because it’s not set up like a traditional wedding. At a bare minimum, you can expect 50 perfect photos per hour of coverage. What you can expect is that the gallery will tell your story from start to finish and be full of emotional moments; the big ones and little ones.

Should we do an engagement shoot?

This is a great opportunity for us to work together before the big day. Get used to being in front of the lens and come your wedding day all those nervous jitters are gone. Plus, we will feel like fast friends! I understand that many couples I work with are traveling for their elopement. Check out my travel schedule to see if I’ll be in your area for an engagement session. Or consider hiring a local-to-you photographer for an engagement session. I truly believe in documenting your relationship at least once a year with professional photos!

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Laying out your elopement planning road map if you choose to work with Nomadic Weddings

After months of meticulous planning, it will all come together in a beautiful, relaxed elopement day! You'll recieve beautiful images of the day to always remember it by!

We will set up a time to discuss all your details and vision for your day. Making sure we are the perfect fit!

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Together, we will craft a customized experience that is a true representation of you! No two elopements are created the same

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The name’s Molly and I’m your one stop shop for an adventure wedding photographer and planner. You’ll find me up in Bellingham (B-ham, you’re practicing to be a local) or traveling in the Airstream with 3 semi wild but definitely very cute dogs.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I’m ready to show you an adventure of a lifetime in wild places, whether it’s your first time or 700th time in the outdoors. Because I believe in 3 things: the outdoors are for everyone, that we need to cherish the land so the future can enjoy it too, and that you’ll have such an epic time you won’t be able to stop talking about your elopement to anyone with ears!

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