This summer elopement graced us with beautiful weather, a stunning sunset, and manageable bugs! Their day began with a road side getting ready session then Karissa had a first look with her Father. We all then headed up further into the mountains for a private first look with Karissa and Dan on a bridge that felt right out of Lord of the Rings. Good food and drink were important to the both of them and together they enjoyed a mountain side picnic and a tailgate wine tasting! Truly one of a kind. As the sun began to dip lower into the horizon, these two found a cozy spot to share their vows. Which they lovingly called "Nows," as life together will always be changing and adapting. After exchanging their heartfelt words together, they sealed with a kiss and a shot! We continued even higher into the mountains for sunset portraits well into darkness. Truly an epic day!

Karissa + Dan

North Cascades Washington

Molly was a fun and energetic elopement companion who went well beyond a photographer. She helped us plan locations, scouted them in advance to have great timing with the lighting the day of, and even helped hike our gear in for us. She also had some professional sommelier training that she impressed us with during our wine tasting!

Her post processing is awesome, and she does a great job of making each scene feel alive, and present in it's colors. While many wedding and elopement photographers focus on over-blowing the whites and highlighting the pastels, Molly did an excellent job at creating not just 'beautiful' photos (they surely were), but ones that were also stunning, epic and that drew you deeper into the composition, reliving the moment and allowing our friends to be immersed in our scenes along with us.

We looked at several adventure photographers in our area, and met several for consult. Molly had ideas straight from our first meeting, had deep local knowledge and knew the spots we wanted to go, and followed up with us through the whole planning process to keep us on track, and build our day to be more than we could have ever planned on our own. I cannot imagine our day without her now.

A professional adventurer with a professional eye, who brings fun, upbeat energy to your event, we can't recommend Molly enough.

Karissa + Dan

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