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I specialize in creating honest and epic adventure elopements

When my husband and I decided to elope it was after talking with our photographer. We initially reached out for coverage of a traditional wedding. During a cocktail out with them we delved into all the struggles and frustrations we where having with wedding planning. It just wasn't us! We shared our deep desire to elope and have this wild adventure to start off our marriage. Bless Rachel & Josh for not pushing us too hard but they told us, "it's your freaking day, do whatever the hell you want!"

I think it was 5 hours after our night out with them that we called and said HEY! LET'S ELOPE IN SCOTLAND! Fast foward a year + a pandemic, we ended up eloping in Colorado and going on an epic road trip with them! Mike and I wouldn't change a thing and so happy we went that route!

Who could be better to hire as your elopement photographer than someone who's been in your shoes! Creating the ultimate experience is what I'm all about!

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and not a traditional wedding photographer who has an elopement package, your family friend with a camera, or *cringes* your guests with iphones

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Traditional wedding photographers who now offer elopements are not prepared for the amount of research and knowledge they need to help plan an elopement. They’re used to showing up, shooting, and leaving. I planned my own elopement before I knew this and would never want anyone to repeat that mistake, let’s avoid that stress altogether.

Travel is pretty high on everyone’s to-do lists (especially over the last two years). I get that. That shouldn’t butt into your day. Traditional weddings photographers often use elopement photography as a two-birds-one-stone deal to make money from shooting your elopement, and travel somewhere they saw on Instagram. You can see how that might quickly deteriorate into a bad time. Avoid thinly-veiled photo tourism (paid for by you!) by hiring elopement-specific photographers.

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Outdoor photography noobs aren’t ideal. Traditional weddings photographers hopping on the elopement bandwagon might think it can’t be that hard, but it’s not easy to traipse into the wilderness — maybe even for the first time — and suddenly know how to handle lighting, posing, safety, and so forth. An adventure elopement photographer isn’t just snapping pics, they’re an outdoor photography specialist and a guide.

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Did you know! Washington has 3 National Parks that are all within a few hours of Seattle! Check out the resource on how to plan an elopement in a national park.