Do you dream of eloping in a spot that no one has ever gotten married at before? 

Let's get fucking married!

Thinking about traditional weddings and how many couples have look-alike weddings with even all the unique details; they still end up feeling bland and overdone. Let’s ditch the predictable for something authentically you with one of our Washington elopement pacakges.

Adventure weddings are a completely unique experience for you. You'll quite literally have the world as your backdrop.

why not Get it right on the first try with Nomadic Weddings.

Adventure wedding planning starts with finding the right photographer. Elopements can feel overwhelming to plan because there is no easy road map, compass or signpost to tell you what to do, how to do it, and who to contact. With so many beautiful and exciting ideas out there, decision fatigue can really set in and leave you feeling too overwhelmed to make any plans or choices. Luckily for you, I've been down this planning road numerous times and know it like the back of my hand. I'm here to be your personal wedding planning guru and have even crafted an adventure wedding roadmap for you to follow!

Hey you,

Our collaboration starts long before your wedding day. 

Not only do I offer stunning imagery but I also pride myself on creating a wedding experience that you’ll keep in your heart forever. An experience completely custom to you that authentically captures the personality of your relationship and what’s true to you. Photography is an art, just like your love. It’s important to me that the images we create together showcase your emotions, memories and movement to truly craft together the story of your love for both to retell for years to come. Your day should never feel like a photo shoot, it’s about celebrating the journey you’ve taken together and focusing on the love you share. 

kind words

Never have I clicked so well with someone I only met on zoom! she gave me ideas for my pictures that I didn't even think about! she came in the day of the wedding and just fit right in like she was one of the family. Molly, thank you again! also can't forget to thank you for actually get the hubby to smile and truly enjoy taking pictures with me!


Brittnay + Ray

From the zoom call of first meeting Molly to the day of my wedding she was absolutely amazing!

THIS is how weddings should be done. Not only did Molly capture our day perfectly, but she immediately felt like another friend that was there for the celebration! She was fun, personable and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. Molly was great at scouting locations, and had a backup plan for when we didn't have the weather we anticipated for our hiking elopement. I would work with Molly again in a heartbeat. She also gets +10 points for being a dog person :)


Maura + Harry

she immediately felt like another friend that was there for the celebration!

Y’all I’m Molly. A PNW elopement photographer specializing in creating honest and epic wedding adventures while capturing honest real love. 

From burnt out physician assistant to thriving adventure elopement photographer! I established Nomadic Weddings in 2020 with the sole purpose of providing an elopement experience for couple’s who want an intimate, experience driven wedding. Originally from Upstate New York, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2021 because I could no longer resist the pull of the mountains. When I’m not photographing weddings, you’ll find me hiking, trail running, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing (resort & backcountry), rock climbing, and basically any other adventure that will get me outdoors. Got dogs?! I do! Meet Harper & Aspen, my two furry sidekicks! These two are all about the cuddles, fetch, swimming, and hiking. Seriously, they never, ever get tired! You might even meet them on your elopement day!

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Without a doubt, this is always included when working with me:

Let’s get your elopement experience started.

artful and Candid storytelling 

A combination of photographs ranging from movement-based to posed to free-reined-whatever-you-and-your-person-want

Not a static day-long forced smiles photoshoot

Shots of big moments, little moments, and all moments in between

Each Elopement Photography package includeS:

included in each package

Want more?! 

An exclusive 100 page adventure wedding planning guide 

Unlimited advice, planning assistance with location recommendations, custom timelines, vetted vendor recommendations, assistance with permit acquisition, and so much more! 

Photographer travel fees covered 

Sneak peeks after your wedding 

delivery of beautiful, hand-edited masterpieces in both web-sized and high resolution, delivered in an online gallery within 6 weeks of your wedding 

Bonus Offerings

Want a 'just us' adventure wedding?  If you want the day to be just about you two so you can truly focus on the love and connection you share, good news, I'm ordained and happy to sign as your officiant.

I'll help you two create a gorgeous, lay-flat album to showcase your entire day so you can have a physical copy of your story to share with loved ones for years to come.

a 'just us' wedding

Album design services

But... we're awkward!

Does being in front of the camera give you the willies? 
Are you nervous about being your true self while a semi-stranger snaps a million and one photos?

That sounds stressful. That sounds like you have to be "on" all the time. Ugh, not my vibe.

Well, it’s a good job we’re a little different around here. Babes, If I had a dollar for every time a couple mentioned this to me during their inquiry, I'd be able to photograph weddings for free! This is why building trust and friendship from the beginning is an important step in my process, so when the big day comes you feel comfortable with me and like I’m just another friend. You’ll feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoy being more present at the moment with your love and it won’t be because of some formal posing guide that you're trying to nail down but rather a fun and authentic connection we’ve already built. 

I would of course never dream of leaving you without any direction, that would not be fair and can be just as overwhelming as too much direction. What I prefer to do instead is give prompts, ideas and suggestions for you to interpret in a natural way for whatever works for you. Some prompts inspire love, and connection and some invite fun and playfulness and it does truly work for capturing meaningful and emotive images. 

Heck I would be too!

The most popular option for a reason! Your elopement is all about the two of you and the biggest commitment you’ll each be making. It is only fitting that you spend the whole day celebrating your love.

Full Day Elopement Experience 

Each and every elopement is unique and personalized! 

If you can dream it, together we can create the epic elopement of your dreams! It all starts with booking your all day elopement with Nomadic Weddings!

Total Value: $8500

Your full day elopement could look like….

Exploring the desert by off road vehicle and finding the perfect spot to say your vows that no one else has ever stood at before. Later, we fit in some epic rock climbing or maybe a float down a river or go basejumping!

Summiting a mountain at sunrise, having coffee & pastries at a local patisserie, and having a sunset ceremony & gold hour photos at a scenic spot with your closest friends & family

Taking a helicopter to a glacier in Alaska where you say your vows & jump into a glacier pool! Then return to your cozy cabin in the woods where you two play board games, drink wine, and eat a lovely dinner prepared by a private chef

The perfect middle ground for couple’s looking to elope in a stunning location, during the best lighting of the day! 

You could include activities such as - short to medium hikes, swimming in an alpine lake, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, rock climbing, and more! Just because it’s a half day elopement doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the adventure! 

Half Day Elopement Experience

Total Value: $5500

No matter the location, I “ship for free!”

A fun fact about me is that I live full time on the road in my sick-ass Airstream. I spend spring - fall, traveling from epic location destination to the next. Wherever your love takes you, I’ll meet you there!

Let's EXPLORE The Experience

Your wedding experience started the minute you landed on my website and decided that you two want an authentic wedding. It’s not just a day, we run things a little differently around here and that’s for good reason. My focus is on honestly connecting with each and every couple I work with. It’s my absolute goal to bring you not just stunning imagery but an unforgettable experience. 


Part one!

You, me and your boo will all catch up on the phone to make sure we build a genuine connection from day one. I want us to all vibe with the vision you have and make sure y'all are down to get a little lost in the wilderness with me. 


Part Two!

Through zoom calls, emails and evening texting, I’m here for you and your partner-in-crime throughout this whole experience. There is nothing more daunting than trying to tackle this on your own and trust me, I’ve been there. 


Part Three!

Every time we chat it’ll feel like a bunch of old friends getting together and picking up where we left off. You’ll never feel uncomfortable or awkward and holy shit is that important. I’m all about creating space for vulnerability and an authentic atmosphere for all to be truly yourselves. 


We’ll together make your wedding planning journey fun and easy. The hardest part? Hitting that inquiry submit button. 

STEP ONE - Submit an Inquiry 

STEP two - Phone Call 

STEP three - Make It Official 

STEP four - Planning & more Planning! 


STEP six - Relive the memories forever

I just have one question. Do you want to authentically celebrate not just your wedding, but your relationship too?

You want to remember all the big moments but those small fleeting moments too. The ones that don’t come to the front of your mind so quickly. Of course, you’re going to remember putting a ring on each other’s finger and your first kiss, but will you remember how your partner looked at you throughout the day? Or those full belly laugh moments that made you struggle for breath? Are you going to remember every little detail of the best day of your life? Well, photography does. This is what truly authentic and artful imagery does, it’s a portal back to that exact moment. Whether you are looking back five or fifty years from now, I want to remember it all. You deserve to have your day documented with all the raw unscripted love that you share for each other. 

Okay Before we start..

Let’s leave the cheesy smiling photos for something more you 

This ain’t an all-day photoshoot, I’m not here to get you to grin at a camera all day long, that would suck. I’m here to capture all the natural and organic moments of a beautiful day filled with things you two love to do the most together. Whether that’s hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, sailing, biking, exploring cities, or sipping on microbrews; whatever your heart desires. I’ll be there telling not only the story of your day but the story of the love you share and your entire journey together so far. 

I've got the A's

What if we don't know where or when we want to elope?

Absolutely not a problem! Most couples who inquire have a general vision or idea for their wedding and work with me at the beginning of the planning process to nail down exactly what they would like for their day. 

I've got the A's

Are there guest list limits for elopements? For weddings?

Yes! For elopements, there is a guest list limit of 10 people and I cap small weddings up to 50 guests. The reason elopements are capped at such a limited number is that many beautiful wild locations cannot accommodate large group sizes. If you are interested in having a wedding in a beautiful location but have a larger guest list size, I recommend considering a 'just us' experience where we head out to those beautiful locations for private vows and portraits and then reconvene with the group later in the day (or next day!) for a ceremony and celebration. Many of the experiences I offer can to accommodate weddings like this! 

I've got the A's

Can you give us an estimate of how many images we will receive in our gallery?

Gallery sizes range in size based on several factors but on average you can expect a minimum of 25-50 images per hour of coverage. Over the years, I've focused on curating galleries to really tell a story of your day, rather than dumping huge quantities of similar photos.

I've got the A's

Do you photograph anything other than weddings and elopements?

My passion is to create art with couples who are head of heels in love with each other and are adventurous souls at heart. To provide the very best experience, I only take on intimate weddings, elopements, and couples sessions. A couple's sessions can include engagements and steamy sessions! 

I've got the A's

How do we book you?

First things first, head over to the inquiry page and submit an inquiry. The more details you provide about you two and your wedding vision, the better! After, we jump onto a call to talk through what you two are thinking, discuss general locations, and answer all your questions about planning + executing an adventure wedding! This call is so important for us to have a chance to get to know each other and make sure we are all vibing. Once you two pick your perfect date, I'll put together your contract & retainer invoice so that we can get right to working together!

I've got the A's

How do payments work? Do you offer payment plans?

To reserve your date & us working together, a nonrefundable flat fee retainer is due at contract signing. After that, your remaining payments will be broken up into equal installments. To keep things stress-free and simple, this can all be completed online through your client portal with autopay! 

Need something a little different? I am always happy to work with couples on custom payment plans. Just say the word!

Do you dream of eloping in a spot that no one has ever gotten married at before? 

Let's get fucking married!