I’ve been in your shoes and I’m here to tell you it’s time to get the hiking boots on.

Meet Molly! 

Y'all I’m Molly, a PNW Elopement photographer specializing in creating honest and epic wedding adventures, and capturing honest real love.

I’ve been exactly where you are; when me and my husband were planning our wedding we initially reached out to our photographer for coverage of a traditional wedding. During a cocktail out with them we delved into all the struggles and frustrations we were having with wedding planning, and it turns out the traditional wedding just wasn't us! We shared our deep desire to elope and really wanted to have this wild adventure to start off our marriage. Bless Rachel & Josh for not pushing us too hard but they told us, "it's your freaking day, do whatever the hell you want!" So we did! We eloped and now they have a truly special place in my heart for small intimate weddings. We almost missed out on that incredible experience, I don’t want you to do the same.

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Although our elopement photos are gorgeous and we did have an awesome time, there is one major thing that I wish I did differently and that is hiring a specialist in the adventure wedding niche. At the time, I had NO IDEA that your photographer was supposed to help you plan your elopement, make suggestions on locations based on lighting, and help craft a timeline that gives the day structure but in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming or take away from the intention of the day

My biggest tip, trust me on this, you’ll want to hire a specialist.

My biggest tip! 

Here's why!

Need more convincing? Here's some insider knowledge:

Traditional photographers are used to showing up, shooting and leaving, having the whole day, decor and everything else already set up for them. I planned my own elopement before I knew this and would never want anyone to go through it. I’m here to help you plan every detail and give you all the guidance and information you need so you can feel confident that you're not doing it on your own.

I totally get that travel is high on everyone’s to-do list but that shouldn’t be the photographer's focus for your big day. The traditional photographer often uses elopements as a two-birds-one-stone deal to make money from shooting your elopement so they can post it on Instagram. Your wedding should be about you and only you, not someone’s itch to travel. Avoid thinly-veiled photo tourism, paid for by you, by hiring elopement-specific photographers. 

Listen, it may seem easy to traipse into the wilderness and suddenly know how to handle outdoor photography with all its lighting, posing, safety, permits and so forth. But these are really important key parts of elopement photography that non-adventure wedding photographers will miss out on. Your wedding isn’t the place for learning a new skill, you deserve an expert in the field. 

PNW Elopements and adventure weddings are a beautiful and wild experiences, It’s my goal to make that happen.

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1 - I have 3 dogs because I enjoy chaos

Meet Harper, Caz, and Aspen!

2 - Enneagrams are wild! I'm a 7!

3 - My goal is to thru-hike either the Pacific Crest Trail or Continental Divide Trail! 

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  1. Mountainside picnic
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  1. Backpacking in the Alps
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