Elopement Emergency Kit

What Is An Elopement Emergency Kit?

A collection of mini sized items that can divert disaster! They are fondly known as “Oh Shit Kits.”

Creating a customized kit for your elopement is essential because the chances of something happening increase and likely you’ll be too remote to head to the store quick. From ripped dress mishaps, to smudged make up fixes, or no toilet paper in the pit toilets, this list will have you well on your way to being prepared for your elopement.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Rather, a jumping off point of common items that we carry for all elopements. I’ve also included specific products because I’ve found them to be superior to others on the market. Always happy to discuss certain products; drop a comment below with questions or your own recommendations!

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Personal Emergency

Items designed to keep you comfortable during your elopement!

Wet Wipes

What instance doesn’t call for wet wipes. Clean off a surface, wash your hands before a meal, back up toilet paper (always pack it out! Doesn’t degrade), or full body “shower.” They truly are a work horse. My favorite brand is the Adventure Wipes, which I’ve linked below. These are large enough to really give yourself a full body refresh. They are also individually packaged so you can add one or two to your kit without having to take a whole package of them. Rushed for time? Gas stations and grocery stores usually have a travel sized package of the regular Wet Wipes brand.


Adventerous elopements are full of activities and the last thing you want to do is smell B.O. when saying your vows! Look for travel sized ones that apply clear if you are wearing a strapless or strapped dress. The last thing you’d want is deodorant stains on your partner’s attire. Aerosol deodorant is another option however I find that you’ll need more frequent applications if out hiking.

Oil Blotting Sheets

These help eliminate the dreaded shine on your face. Combat it with oil blotting sheets, make up setting spray, and opting for a more matte foundation if wearing make up.


Weddings are emotional! Expect to shed a few tears on your day and don’t forget to bring a few extra packets for any guests attending with you. In my experience, elopements bring 100% more emotions than traditional weddings!

Breath Freshener

These are great to have on hand throughout the day because you can bet you’ll be sharing kiss after kiss with your new husband or wife!! Nothing ruins a kiss faster than bad breath. Stay fresh all day long. I always bring extra of these bad boys on backpacking elopements because everyone always forgets a toothbrush!

Listerine drops are another favorite!

Q Tips

Not for cleaning ears BUT super helpful for fixing make up smudges, especially around the eyes.

Bobby Pins

While you’ll be amazed at how many bobby pins go into your hair by your stylist, it’s always a good idea to have extras on hand for fly aways and emergency fixes. Being out in the elements can really do a number on your hair. Those extra bobby pins always come in handy. Pro Tip: ask your hair stylist for extra pins to take with you!

Nail Filler

Helpful for controlling broken nails or sharp edges that could catch on your wedding attire!

Hand Sanitizer

Especially with the pandemic, sanitizing surfaces and your hands is crucial for prevent illness.

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Attire Emergency

Many couples choose to hike/adventure in their elopement outfits. I love this because it’s even more opportunities to capture candid moments during the hike. However, this does come with a higher risk that the dress might snag or get a stain.

Sewing Kit

Whether you’ve got to fix a rip or sew the dress on (yep! I’ve done that before!), having a kit with multiple color threads and mini scissors is invaluable! Most kits also contain safety pins and extra buttons which can save the day with button down shirts or ties that won’t cooperate in the wind.

Lint Roller

If you plan on driving a distance in your attire or have a dog joining you, a quick roll with the lint roller before beginning your ceremony or portraits will make all the difference and save your photographer editing time!

Tide To Go Pen

These little guys are great for getting out unwanted accidental stains! Super handy to have on hand if you plan on eating or drinking at any point during your elopement. Your photographer can edit out dress blemishes but it’s always handy to get started on cleaning these unwanted spots early so they don’t set and run up your post elopement dress cleaning bill.

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Medical Emergency

That title sounds pretty aggressive. If you are having an emergency, you’ll need to call 911. What I really mean, is what should you be carrying that’s medical in nature to alleviate common and minor issues that might arise.

First Aid Kit

Finding an all in one lightweight medical kit is going to be space and money saving. I find the Adventure Medical Kits to be perfect for elopements. They hold enough different sized bandages for minor scrapes/cuts, come with several doses of common medications, and contain helpful topicals such as burn relief and de-itcher cream. Best part is, you can purchase refills of items so that you’ll never run out for your next adventure! Bringing Fido during your elopement? Pick up an Adventure Medical Kit geared specifically towards dogs. Always recommended to talk with your vet so you’ll be in the know about how to keep your pet safe.


If you choose to purchase one of the adventure medical kits (link below), they do include several medications in individual packets. After using them up, you can purchase new ones to refill with (medications, bandages, tape, etc). Another option is to purchase medication packets at gas stations to create a small collection that is easy to carry. Grocery stores also sell travel sized tubes (Advil, pictured above) with 10 to 20 tablets.

Pain Relievers – Advil (Ibuprofen), Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

Allergy Reliever – Benadryl, Claritin/Zyrtec/Allegra. PLEASE BRING YOUR EPIPEN IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIC REACTIONS

Digestive Relief – Tums, Loperamide, Gas X

Any medications that you need to take daily.

Bug Repellent

If bugs are in your forecast, go for the big guns – 100% DEET or Picaridin. I personally have never found natural insect repellents to be helpful. If you are worried about using DEET because of bad studies and press, rest assured that it has been proven safe. If you do have a lot of technical clothing and gear, DEET can break down some of those barriers so avoid getting it on technical clothing or gear. Picaridin is a newer, lesser known product on the block. Comes in multiple formualtions but I find the lotion to be easiest to apply and doesn’t leave a greasy film that is a common complaint of DEET. If you are in an area prone to deer flies or black flies, I find Picaridin to be more effective.

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Comfort Emergency

Nothing ends an elopement faster than being cold or hungry! Having a steady supply of snacks through out the day can combat the hangry and keeping feet & toes warm will keep you happy!


Easy and lightweight trail snacks are the best. My favorites include Honey Stinger Stroopwafels and Energy Chews. CLIF bars are another favorite and easy to find anywhere. Whatever your favorite granola bars and on the go foods are, toss em in your bag and snack throughout the day.

Hand/Feet Warmers

If the weather is on the chillier side or you’re heading out for a sunrise hike, adding warmers in your gloves, boots, or jacket pockets can make all the difference. While you might be warm during the hiking portion, things will get pretty chilly when standing still for the ceremony or portraits. Elevation plays a huge roll in temperature too! While it might be warm at the trailhead, the exposure and elevation at the top will make things significantly cooler. Talk with your photographer to get a better weather forecast for your chosen location.

Emergency Blanket

An addition that I hope never needs to be used but life saving if it does get used. Being in remote places, yes even national parks are remote places, you need to be prepared for anything. Emergency blankets are a lightweight blanket designed to use your own body heat to keep warm while awaiting a rescue.

They also make a great makeshift place to sit on the ground for a picnic!

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Become A Nomadic Couple & You’ll Have The Oh Sh*t Kit Covered!

We prioritize couples enjoying their day completely. And that means not shouldering backpacks laden with emergency supplies, extra layers, and more. I’m here to do that for you! Reach out today to schedule your free consultation call and get started with your adventure elopement planning.

Let's get this elopement (engagement/wedding/etc) party started! I'm your go-to gal for creating an unforgetable experience! Reach out with the contact form to get started.


  1. Sydney says:

    Such a great list of items to have for an elopement emergency kit. You never know what you’ll need, or when you’ll need it – but having it on hand is key!

  2. Liz says:

    Yes to all of this! And let me also add eyelash glue to the list! I had an eyelash fall off halfway through my wedding and thank gosh my sister had some on her!

  3. Savannah says:

    This is super useful. I always forget bug spray, I think that would be so helpful in the backcountry.

  4. Leo says:

    This has all the little things covered for the unexpected! Great resource and awesome that You have your couples’ backs…thanks for sharing!

  5. This is so awesome!! oh shit kit is a perfect way to describe it cuz you never know when you’ll need any of that stuff!! Good thing everything now comes in a travel size and makes it so easy to carry with you on hikes. Handwarmers are a must!!! thank you for sharing this awesome list, I just updated my amazon cart with some fun stuff haha

  6. MAGDALENA says:

    This list of emergency items will gonna serve me so much! thank you for your article!

  7. Lauren says:

    What an incredible list of items this is – I already carry an emergency kit in my car for every wedding/elopement I go to, but there are so many items from this list that you made me realize I need to add! So from a fellow photographer, thank you!

  8. Marla says:

    This is a perfect list for anybody considering an elopement! Must-haves for sure.

  9. Kat says:

    This is really such a useful post for anyone eloping or even just camping. You are prepared in the wild!!

  10. Danielle says:

    Love this! I’m a WEMT and really prioritize safety in the backcountry, so love to see it taken into consideration on elopements as well. The hand warmers are a great idea!

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