Why Chimney Bluffs is the Perfect Engagement Photo Location

Chimney Bluffs is an iconic location in Upstate New York for engagements, proposals, and elopements! This small state park is on the shores of Lake Ontario and perfect for viewing the sunset!

Getting There

It’s the 21st centuary so put it in your GPS 😉 However, I’ll let you in on a few secrets about getting to this location. You’ll drive along route 104 if you head directly there which isn’t the most exciting. Instead, consider taking Lake Road which will wind you along the shores of Lake Ontario to Sodus Point before you’ll hop around Sodus Bay to the park. If you have a boat and want part of your session on that, drop it in at Sodus Point and take the channel out to the lake!

Where To Park

Your GPS will take you to the entrance of the state park, where you’ll pay $5 to park in a nice paved car park. You’ll then head out on a winding trail through the woods to the overlooks. For beach access you’ll head all the way to the end of the trail then down a steep trail to another parking area. This is the regular way but I recommend parking at this farther, less known spot. You’ll be able to access the overlooks much quicker (although steeper hike) and then can be down to the beach for the final touches of the sunset. Plus you’ll have a quick walk back to your car rather than ~1 mile in the dark. Plus you don’t have to pay for parking!

To get there, GPS to the park but instead of turning in keep going straight. There will be a road shortly after and you’ll take that right to the edge of the lake. If you get there early, take a right before parking and head over to Thorpe Vineyards for a quick tasting!

What To Do During Your Session

  • Hike the wooded trails
  • Skip stones on the beach
  • Build a campfire post sunset for marshmallow roasting
  • Fish (you’ll need a NYS fishing license)
  • Anchor your boat & watch the sunset
  • Swim!
  • Toss the ball for your pups

Things to Note

The cliffs are extremely fragile and are quickly eroding. Please do not climb on them or throw things over the overlooks. Protect this fragile environment so others can enjoy.

The cliffs are extremely steep with many drop offs not marked. If you are bringing littles or dogs with you, please keep a close eye on them. Dogs should be kept leashed. An additional person to help with their care during the shoot is recommended.

No permits by the park are required for photography sessions

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